Stefano Messori

Stefano Messori graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Parma (Italy). He holds a PhD in animal science from the University of Bologna (Italy) and has been recognised as European Veterinary Specialist on Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law by the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine.

During his career, he has undertaken research activities on animal health and welfare in several research and governmental institutions in Italy and France. He has been involved in the lecturing and management of training initiatives for veterinary authorities at European level, as well as in technical assistance actions at global level.

He is in charge of the secretariat of the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research Collaborative Working Group Animal Health and Welfare Research.
In November 2016, he started his current position as Chargé de mission in the Science and New Technologies Department of the OIE. There, he is in charge of the Scientific Secretariat for the STAR-IDAZ, a major international collaboration initiative to coordinate research on animal health at global level, working on the development of new and improved animal health strategies and tools for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, control, and eradication of priority animal diseases, including zoonoses.