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The Man-imal programme adds project management to scientific studies


Each year, the Man-imal Master’s students aiming for the Master’s degree “From Animal to Man: Analysing and managing health and food risks” work on a tutored project. This project is a professionally-oriented exercise, in which students spend 3 months working closely for an organisation, a company or a laboratory in need of  a scientific study on a specific issue.


The tutored project is supervised by research professors from complementary fields of expertise. Starting from 2015/2016, the Man-imal programme has added professional coaches for each group. Specialised in project management, our coaches support the students to organise the project as if they were already on a professional mission. Students will need to organise regular team meetings, fill out a dash board online and cooperate as complementary team members.


Our coaches and scientific tutors will also evaluate students according to the 360° review method, which consists of an individual auto-evaluation, group auto-evaluation and a peer evaluation. This methodology helps students to understand some of the standards used in the professional world and also helps them to keep on improving their projects with the permanent improvement cycle method.


With the project management course thus reinforced by personalised coaching, our students will be able to manage a project and a team with efficiency, trust and cooperation.