Muriel Vayssier Taussat

Muriel Vayssier Taussat is the head of Animal Health Division of INRA, which is, with 18 research unit, 3 experimental units and over 1000 staff, a community dedicated to research on animal health and veterinary public health.
Her own research interest is on the zoonotic transmission of tick-borne pathogens. Recent applications of new technologies revealed the complexity of the microbes carried by ticks.
Her research thus focused on the appreciation of this complex system to deepen our understanding of tick-borne pathogens, leading to a more integrated view that embraces the tick “pathobiome”: the pathogenic agent integrated within its abiotic and biotic environments.
She coordinates a programme on this topic, funded by the ANR, the French national research agency, which brings together physicians, veterinarians, researchers to understand tick-borne diseases better and to fight them more efficiently.
She is the author of more than 80 scientific articles and involves herself in popularizing science by writing articles for the French or international general press.