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Interview with Géraldine Boué

MAN-IMAL PhD student with a food-processing engineering profile



After two years of college preparatory courses* Géraldine Boué entered Oniris, the Nantes-Atlantic National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering . In October 2014, freshly graduated, she started a thesis at the Secalim laboratory within Oniris.


"Because I am deeply interested in food, I chose to direct my professional career towards food processing and found my path in nutrition and food safety. As I was keen to learn more on this subject and to develop an expertise in this field, I continued my studies by pursuing a thesis. "


Her engineering training and her professional experience as an apprentice gave her solid skills and knowledge to comprehend issues related to Public Health and more specifically food.


During her apprenticeship within the company “Les Œufs Geslin ”, she worked throughout the whole food chain production as part of her R&D and Quality assignments. She implemented her engineering skills during her final year project on the lengthening of shelf life for pasteurised egg products. She ended her training by focusing on Applied Statistics.


These enriching experiences have aroused her scientific curiosity and encouraged her into working in Research.


“My thesis aims at developing a methodology of public health Risk-Benefit Assessment associated with food consumption. It is about the creation of an integrative and comphrehensive approach enabling the comparison of health effects related to chemical, microbial and nutritional components of food. This theoretical methodology will then be applied to the assessment of health risks and benefits of infants from 0 to 6 monts associated with the consumption of breast milk and/or infant formula. During my thesis, I will benefit from the local expertise of the Laberca and Secalim laboratories”. Manimal Geraldine Boue


The subject of her thesis is related to MAN-IMAL issues. The cross-disciplinary approach of her project linking both human health and food fits into the main lines of action of the IDEFI Programme. To broaden her knowledge, Géraldine attended some presentations as part of the MAN-IMAL Master’s degree entitled “Management of Global health and Nutritional Safety”. From her point of view, this experience was very positive.


“In my opinion, one of the strong points of this programme is its focus on issues related to human health, animal health and food. These three topics are interrelated, but often broached individually. The cross-disciplinary approach of MAN-IMAL enables the comprehension of the triad “Man-Animal-Food” globally and integrally to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges."

She adds, smiling: “Besides, the teachers and speakers of the MAN-IMAL programme are not “just anybody”. MAN-IMAL has high quality courses.”


After completing her thesis, the young woman plans to work in Higher Education and Research on Public Health issues related to Food, a subject that really matters to her.


Her word of advice for students:

“If you too are passionate about these topics, the MAN-IMAL programme offers an innovative and high quality training, in line with current major issues.”



*the French classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles