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The impact of antibiotics on animal and human health

Cross-disciplinary teachings in Oniris in October 2015


For the third consecutive year, cross-disciplinary teachings on the use of antibiotics and their consequences for both Human and Animal health were organized at the end of October.


The cross-disciplinary teachings were conceived by a group of teacher-researchers of Oniris in 2013. The main objective of the teachers is to wake the curiosity of their students by inviting professors from different fields to give lectures on the topic. These seminars bring important information for veterinary students on drug prescription as well as up to date information on the regulations on the use of antibiotics.


Each conference begins with a lecture on human medicine, followed by a lecture more related to veterinary medicine. This was also the case of the presentation on October 22.


The theme day begun with a lecture from Professor Didier Lepelletier, epidemiologist medical doctor and professor of hospital hygiene and infection control at the Nantes University Hospital, was delighted to speak in an amphitheater full of veterinary students. His human-health approach brought a valuable point of view on the impact of antibiotics on Human health and Animal health and on the development of strategies to control the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria.


Professor Didier Lepelletier’s lecture was followed by a conference moderated by Teacher-researcher in dermatology Vincent Bruet and Teacher-researcher in bovine health Raphaël Guatteo on the good practices and questions in the use of treatment by antibiotics with domestic animals or production animals.


Raphaël Guatteo, one of the three professors organizing the event, was very pleased with this first conference. The amphitheater was full and students were eager to ask questions from Professor Didier Lepelletier. Professor Hervé Pouliquen, a teacher-researcher closely involved in the Man-imal programme, was one of the key actors to put together the different specialists for a Global approach.


Two other conferences are planned for the Academic year.


…focus on antibiotics:


The study of antibiotics is one of the “One Health” topics included in the Man-imal programme. The strong interrelation between animal health and human health is undeniable, and more extensive cooperation between veterinarians, medical doctors and food processing engineers is needed.