Banniere projet-tut 2015



the key to a succesful communication


Cross-disciplinarity is one of the MAN-IMAL programme’s ambitions: doctors, pharmacists, biologists and agro-food professionals are learning to share their knowledge and approach, each specific to their area of expertise. The aim is to train executives with different professional profiles who have been taught ways of communicating that are used according to each sphere - doctors and cattle farmers do not speak the same language - in order to communicate more easily.


As part of their training and especially during case scenarios, students work together on assignments in order to prevent health and food risks. One of the main tools to prevention is information-education, that is why 4 students from the MAN-IMAL Master's Degree of the 2014-2015 academic year have drawn up an informative brochure on listeriosis aimed at farmers of milk ruminants in the Nantes region .


This brochure is the result of a survey carried out with professionals and a synthetic work undertaken by students with different core skills: joint efforts of Mirana Andrianiaina, a pharmacist, Panagiotis Ballas, a veterinarian, Noémie Coron, a doctor and Merjem Mlaco trained in agrifood have produced complete, succinct but full information to raise awareness among professionals on this disease which can cause dramatic damages.