Banniere QPES 

9th symposium on Questions of pedagogy in higher education - QPES

MAN-IMAL Master’s Degree double alterity

In June 2017, the MAN-IMAL programme took part in the 9th symposium Questions de pédagogie dans l’enseignement supérieur (Questions of pedagogy higher education, QPES) in Grenoble, France.

Matthieu Eveillard, MAN-IMAL professor and leader of the Biological and Chemical Risks teaching unit, and Nathalie Ruvoen, pedagogical supervisor of the Master’s Degree "From Animal to Man: Analysing and Managing Health and Food Risks", presented an article written for the occasion, titled “A double alterity to train students to manage Health Risks”.
This article is about the multidisciplinary and multicultural aspects specific for the MAN-IMAL Master’s Degree.

The two professors also participated to numerous sessions with presentations, workshops and conferences, for an absolutely enriching and fascinating journey.

You can find online the detailed programme (FR), as well as the symposium’s deeds (FR), where the MAN-IMAL publication appears.

The next edition of this symposium will be held in Brest in 2019.