Two former students present their work at a congress

MAN-IMAL publications

Morgane Salines (2013-2014 class) and Simon Mellier (2015-2016 class) were present at the 12th Research Days on Poultry and Foie Gras Producing Palmipeds (JRA), where more than 400 professionals were gathered on 5th and 6th April in Tours.

After the MAN-IMAL Master 2, Morgane passed the Inspector of Veterinary Public Health and continued her training with a PHD and the preparation of the diploma of the European College of Veterinary Public Health with a specialization in food science. During this event she got the opportunity to present results1 from her her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine thesis which had led to an international publication2. She also showed a poster3 illustrating the bibliographic work initiated by our students of the 2014-2015 class during the tutored project she was coaching.



Simon, who is now a graduate of the ESA where he finished his training as an engineer, presented the results of his M2 internship. The latter relied on Merjem Mlaco's M2 internship (2014-2015 class),who is now Director of Quality Control for the Bosnian Agro-Food Group Akova Impex.
Catherine Magras, project-leader of the MAN-IMAL programme, accompanied them, as a supervisor from the M2 and as a representative of the SECALIM laboratory which sponsored these various research projects.



1 SALINES M., ALLAIN V., ROUX H., LE BOUQUIN S., MAGRAS C., 2017. Des outils scientifiques pour caractériser les retraits des carcasses de volailles à l’abattoir et leurs facteurs de variation. 12èmes Journées de la Recherche Avicole et Palmipèdes à Foie Gras, 463-467.
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Unfortunately, not long after the publication of this article, Simon Mellier died in an accident. All our thoughts go out to his family and his girlfriend.