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The Human / Dog Relationship in Inuit Communities

A One world, One health example

After the visit of two of our teachers to Quebec in August 2016, Professor André Ravel, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health at the University of Montreal (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Saint-Hyacinthe), came to visit Oniris and held a lecture on "One World / One Health: the example of the human / dog relationship in Inuit communities" in October 2016.
Claude Guintard, Veterinary Dr., in charge of the Unit of Compared Anatomy at Oniris, was able to attend and drew an article published in “Centrale Canine magazine”.
André Ravel,who is studying specifically vulpine rabies transmitted to dogs, helped to launch a major multidisciplinary study on the health of dogs in Nunavik in 2009. This study, which is still in progress, allows us to get a better understanding of ​​the particular relationship between dogs and humans in these communities: a relationship based on usefulness but which is almost symbiotic.
Discover more details about this study by downloading Claude Guintard's article here (in French only)!