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MAN-IMAL Symposium - 16th March 2017

The One Health concept through emerging diseases

On 16th March 2017, the MAN-IMAL programme welcomed for the fourth consecutive year representatives from the OIE and the FAO, and for the first time Santé Publique France, for a morning of cross-disciplinary conferences around the "One World, One Health" concept through emerging diseases.
The Powerpoints projected by the contributors (click here to get the programme) are available on request (look for our contact informations at the bottom of the page).

Click on the corresponding video icon to access the video replay of the lecture.

Didier CHE
Santé Publique France
The missions of Santé Publique France in emerging infectious diseases, through the examples of SARS and MERS-CoV. YT icon
Karima OUALI
The missions of FAO in emerging diseases. YT icon
The missions of OIE in emerging diseases, through the example of antimicrobial resistance. YT icon