Second pedagogical seminar at Oniris

29 November, 2016

After a first pedagogical seminar on 14 March 2016, the MAN-IMAL team took part once again in the organization of this edition.

The afternoon began with a plenary lecture where Dominique Buzoni-Gatel, Executive Director of Oniris, honoured us by opening the session.
Then, Catherine Magras reminded us the aims of the day and the actions taken to support pedagogical evolution since the first seminar in March.

Two workshops were held in parallel: "Feedback on the use of self-learning training sequences" and a debate cafe.

The first workshop gave the opportunity to present two projects:

  • Virtual Vet, presented by Anne Cogny, allows veterinary students to practice medical procedures (sutures, hand disinfection, catheter placement...) by simulating them as many times as necessary to master them. A self-assessment passport is provided so that students can track their progress ;
  • the PID - Inter-disciplinary Project, from the engineering curriculum, was presented by Cyril Toublanc. This course allows students to use the Pilot Plant Hall of Technology for experiments in a self-learning process in the context of supervised professional projects.

The "debate cafe" format particularly appeals to the participants. This session focused on three themes:

  • Managing the level of heterogeneity of the students in classes,
  • Providing feedback to help student improve,
  • The place of cross-disciplinarity in our curriculum.

In small groups, teachers from the veterinary and engineering curricula were able to share and compare their views and their experiences in order to define and analyse these issues and to propose solutions or projects leads within Oniris.
These discussions were facilitated by volunteer teachers (Anais Le Moign, Saadia Ait-el-Cadi, Aurélien Madouasse, Florence Beaugrand and Catherine Magras) and our pedagogical engineer Erika Chérel.

The day ended with a friendly drink.

This seminar offers a space for reflection and provides Oniris teacher-researchers with some valued emulation .The next meeting is in preparation for this spring!