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A week at ESA

2016-2017 class

A month after starting the programme, students of the MAN-IMAL Master 2 spent a full week at ESA (The Higher Education Institute of Agriculture) in Angers for the first time since the beginning of the programme.

Indeed, in order to make the most of the synergy between our partners, it was decided to organise a week at ESA combining courses and visits.

This week was held from 14th to 18th November 2016.

It began with a welcome coffee which allowed our students to meet the teachers involved in the programme, the members of the MAN-IMAL team based in Angers and other staff at ESA in charge of the recruitment of international students.

The group then visited the premises and especially the MAN-IMAL collaborative classroom with Sébastien Couvreur, who presented ESA in general and its various research units.

After these preliminaries, several lessons took place, giving a preview of the diversity of the subjects covered in the field of animal production:

  • introduction to zootechnics,
  • livestock farming  and society,
  • breeding techniques and animal health in rabbit farming,
  • organisation and operation of a production chain.

At the end of the week, hard work gave way to more entertaining activities with rewarding and friendly visits:

  • a bacteriology laboratory of the University Hospital of Angers,
  • some wine and cheese tasting,
  • a visit to a vineyard in the city centre of Angers belonging to the association Vigne en Ville.

This new dynamic in organising courses appealed to students and we will certainly repeat this experience in the years to come!