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Agreenium Seminar on “Pedagogical Innovations and Digital Education”

Paris, 6th October 2016

On 6th October, the MAN-IMAL programme participated in the pedagogical seminar of Agreenium, the French Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute.

This seminar was not only the place to meet and pool with the pedagogical and support teams of Agreenium members but also an opportunity for professionals of Agricultural and Veterinary Education to share best practices which could be implemented within institutions to encourage the development of ICT in education.
It appeared that even though the professors are willing and involved, it is necessary to have a team dedicated to the production of resources to meet the needs of the training programmes and institutions.

Catherine Magras, the MAN-IMAL programme leader, attended this event with Guillaume Bézier, the Pedagogical Engineer. In addition to workshops, they took part in an experience feedback on the cooperation between institutions. Two others 2011 IDEFI programmes focusing on agriculture and veterinary issues, Ecotrophelia and UTOP, were also participating.

You can watch the video of Catherine Magras oral presentation below: