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One Health training programmes in Québec

Two MAN-IMAL teachers invited

Two teachers from the MAN-IMAL programme visited Québec at the end of August on a mission for Oniris and MAN-IMAL in: Nathalie Ruvoen, pedagogical supervisor of of the master's degree and Suzanne Bastian (academic at Oniris, teaching in the "biological and chemical Risks" course unit of the master's degree).

First, they met André Ravel and Patrick Leighton who are in charge of two Short Graduate Program (Master Level) offered by the Montreal faculty of veterinary medicine:

These two short graduate programmes are meant mainly for Canadian and non-Canadian graduate veterinarians in continuing education. Like the MAN-IMAL Master's programme, they are also open to students holding an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree equivalent) in various subjects: human or veterinary medicine, biomedical, biology, agronomy, geography of health and social sciences.

Tackling veterinary public health issues in an interdisciplinary and systemic way, these short graduate programmes offer varied and innovative pedagogical modalities that can recall our program: online and face-to-face courses, web conferences, discussion forums for each course, case studies, video capsules creation by students, meetings with experts, creation of concept maps, etc.


Nathalie Ruvoen and Suzanne Bastian were given an opportunity to attend a class from the animal, human, environment and health Interface programme: a role-play involving key players in a veterinary public health crisis. At the end of the session, the group agreed that this kind of crisis requires the implementation of programmes with "multi-skills" to take advantage of their complementarity.

Students completing both short programmes and a work placement or a seminar in veterinary public health will get a "professional master" in veterinary science with a veterinary public health specialization.

As a counterpart, André Ravel visited Oniris during  the week of 24th October.He hosted a conference on the theme "One World / One Health: the example of the man / dog relationship  in Inuit communities".

Staying on  the theme of veterinary public health, our two teachers took part in the 4th edition of the symposium co-organized by the 2 programmes and the Research Group on Epidemiology of Zoonoses and Public Health (GREZOSP) of the University of Montreal entitled "Global Health at the animal-human-environment interface: global issues and local impacts".

Finally, Nathalie Ruvoen and Suzanne Bastian also met Louise Fournier, a public health professor at the Social and Preventive Medicine Department of the ESPUM (School of Public Health of the University of Montreal) and head of the Master of Public Health (Master's degree equivalent). This programme, available in initial training and continuing education and open internationally, offers a core curriculum and students can choose an option called "One Health", coordinated by André Ravel.

Using a skills-based approach, this master's degree also seeks to develop and share more online courses.


This stay, rich in interesting meetings, have allowed two representatives of our programme to share the MAN-IMAL methods, to find new inspirations and even create international links.