Banniere sempedEN 

First pedagogical seminar - Oniris


The MAN-IMAL team was one of the pillars actively participating in the organisation of the first pedagogical seminar at Oniris, held on 14th March 2016. The seminar gathered altogether 70 lecturers and researchers, and gave the participants a perfect opportunity to debate on several pedagogical habits in a convivial atmosphere.


The seminar began with the conference of Jean-François Rouet, researcher at the CNRS (the National Centre for Scientific Research) working on the Paré IDEFI (Initiatives of excellence in innovative training to improve teaching and student’s supervision). During his conference, Jean-François Rouet spoke about reading skills used in different situations such as communication and everyday life. He also discussed the students’ know-how on the critical reading of scientific resources in the higher education sector. According to him, it would be interesting to work on the students’ profiles as readers. Based on his results, the students estimated their profiles rather by their own feeling than on their recognised skills. A survey was conducted among Oniris’ students to know how they approach critical reading. The first results confirmed that the older classes are more mature than the younger ones.


After the introductory conference, the attendees were divided into three different thematic workshops, organized at the same time. The first workshop was organized as a “debate-café” where professors worked on topical pedagogical themes (as for instance the definition of the subject field or how to teach and assess individual know-how…). Several ideas and propositions emerged from the teachers of the workshop, who seemed particularly creative!


The second workshop was hosted by three professors who gave their feedback on different types of collaborative classwork using the ICT-equipped classrooms. The last workshop was an information/presentation session of the assessment criteria and the Moodle forum, while discussing teaching habits and some concrete situations.


The summary of these three workshops is now available on the new collaborative platform designed for the teaching staff of Oniris, launched on 17thMay.


The various themes covered gave the lecturers and researchers on the fields of engineering and veterinary courses a welcome opportunity to cordially share their common issues met daily and their work with the students. The seminar ended with free discussion around a glass of juice. The next seminar is already scheduled next November or December 2016.