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Start your health training with MAN-IMAL

PluriPASS, a shared cross-disciplinary training for Health studies, prepares students to several Bachelor’s degrees at Angers and Maine Universities and provides as well opportunities to turn towards engineering pathways.


The PluriPASS course is composed of several Teaching Units among which Optional Teaching Units can be found. During the academic year, the student needs to register to 3 Optional Teaching Units in total: one during the first semester and two during the second one. Subjects proposed are varied and must enable the student to approach several fields in order to choose the best orientation possible.


The MAN-IMAL programme is designed for making the collaboration easier between experts from Human Health, Animal Heath and Agri-food, for which interdependence is growing every day.  It is quite naturally and logically that the MAN-IMAL programme is involved in this cross-disciplinary perspective.

This programme develops initial training modules within partners’ institutions. On top of tackling fundamental and current issues, it gives a direct access to MAN-IMAL courses.


The Optional Teaching Unit entitled “Infectious Diseases – Man-Animal-Environment Interaction” was conducted by Matthieu Eveillard, University Professor – Hospital Practitioner (PU-PH) at the Bacteriology Laboratory of the Angers University Hospital. Professor Chetaou Mahaza, Practitioner working at the Bacteriology Department as well, and Nathalie Ruvoen, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and Pedagogical Director of the 2nd-year Master’s degree entitled “From Animal to Man: Analysing and Managing Health and Food Risks”, are deeply involved in this cross-disciplinary project. Combining seriousness and entertainment, this module was implemented by Julien Godin, the Graphic Designer within the MAN-IMAN support team, in order to propose a dynamic and attractive E-learning for students.

Based on the “One World, One Health” concept, this Optional Teaching Unit broaches subjects at the same time in the fields of Human Medicine, Animal Medicine, Environment and especially their interactions.   


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